An emotional experience

Since 2009 we insist in sharing with you a sensorial experience. We want to move you. You might think that we are too ambitious. We are indeed, but spiritually. That is enough for us. Of course we find business important. But it is not in our hands, it is up to you. We have a a collection of clothes nowhere else to be found, patterns that make us different and accessories that are a true exquisiteness. And even more: we like to look straight in the eyes, because, after all, what we want is that you win an experience. Different.


In BIJAPI nature fascinates us. That is why our garments are made with natural fibres. In our shop you will feel the freshness of cotton, the purity of silk, the warmth of wool and the uniqueness of hemp…


We do not compete with big brands. In fact, in BIJAPI we don't like competing. We go it alone. And doing so precisely, we offer different designs.


We are riding now the train of changes that history has brought us. Since 2021 we are located in Port d’Alcúdia, embracing ourself with the Mediterranean light and colors that we appreciate so much.